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Getting Your Goat

Getting Your Goat

The Gourmet Guide

By Patricia A. Moore
with Jill Charlotte Stanford

Cathair na Mart: Evertype 2009
ISBN 978-1-904808-25-1 $14.95

Goat meat or chevon is rapidly becoming the most sought-after meat in the markets today because of low-cholesterol. This new book, first of its kind, is filled with gourmet but easy to do recipes from all over the world where goat is enjoyed.

The cover and interior illustrations of Getting your Goat are by Oregon artist Susan Koch.

In 1988, Patricia A. Moore and her partner Cheryl Powers purchased 80 acres just outside of the city limits of Bend, Oregon. The property consisted of Ponderosa pine trees, junipers, no road, no water, and no electricity. Today, Sand Lily Farm has more then twenty acres in organic pasture for their South African Boer meat goats. They boast over 100 does and several bucks. In addition to their goat herd, Patricia and Cheryl raise an organic vegetable garden, which, Patricia says, “is a challenge in Central Oregon because our growing season is so short!”

A flock of various breeds of chickens give the farm colorful and organic eggs, as well as meat. Sand Lily Farm is a beautiful and well-managed place, with hawks, owls and bald eagles flying over, deer, coyotes, and the occasional cougar. A peek through the trees of Mount Bachelor just adds to the charm.

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